For dentists who want to feel respected both inside and outside the dental office...

Want to Stop Feeling Frustrated

While Building Your Confidence as a Leader?

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Yoga for Detnis

your guide to feeling in control of your life, without guilt.

Dear Frustrated Dentist,

You might need better boundaries if:

  • You find decision making a challenge or second guess yourself.

  • You consider yourself a "people pleaser."

  • You are a tiny bit annoyed most of the time.

  • You feel taken advantage of.

  • You feel like no one listens to you.

  • You often wonder who you really are.

  • You feel depressed, anxious, angry or used.

  • You feel exhausted more often than replenished.

A lack of boundaries invites a lack of respect in multiple areas of your life.

This can lead to life in dentistry feeling ... unpleasant.

Boundaries for Dentists will help...

  • you know why and where you need boundaries.

  • your work enrich your life, not take it over.

  • develop mutual respect in relationships.

  • guard your mind and energy.

  • you learn how to communicate your boundaries.

  • you learn how to defend them.

  • you learn how to adjust your boundaries as needed.

  • you protect your joy and peace.

Brought to you by...

Dr. Josie Dovidio is a long-time dentist, registered yoga teacher and certified wellness consultant.

She works with one-on-one with dentists getting them from burnout to breakthrough via her signature program: Crown of Wellness.

Through her online community, she helps over 2000 dental professionals incorporate mindset, yoga, meditation, and self-care into their lives so they can live intentionally and authentically.

This course was created in response to the common struggle she notices amongst dentists: a lack of boundaries, both personally and professionally.

Her desire is that this course will give you the mindsets and strategies dentists need to bring more peace into their lives.

Josie Dovidio, DDS | Yoga for Dentists exists to give dental professionals the wellness tools they need to enjoy life in dentistry without sacrificing their bodies and minds. If you have trouble with this page, please email: